Product Catalog Standard Switches & Sensors

Systems and modules

Control and regulation electronics 2078 for coffee machines

  • Compact electronic unit for electrical appliances
  • Prevention of stand-by losses as per the EU directive
  • Built-in remote-off-switch for electrical switch-off
  • Built-in software programming interface
  • Display of the device status with LED
  • Design for optimum end assembly processes

Control and regulating electronics for vacuum cleaners

  • Customer-specific electronics
  • For AC and DC motors
  • With and without electronic commutation
  • Remote solutions and capacitive touch solutions



Motor Controller

  • Up to 500 W nominal power
  • Sinus commutation / space vector commutation,
  • Alternative block commutation according to application
  • Energybus Controller is integrated in motor controller
  • Energybus / CANopen, alternatively RS232/485
  • Possible if integrated into hub motors 
  • Compact design with robust connection technology, high integration of electronics gives good vibration and moisture protection

Switch module 2047.0101

  • Dust and water protection IP 67
  • Welded cable set with plug
  • Self-adjusting system for automatic tolerance compensation

Switch module 2048.0102

  • Dust and water protection IP 67
  • Welded cable set with plug
  • Self-adjusting system for automatic tolerance compensation

Pump interface 2061.2102

  • Functional module for hydraulic unit in heating systems
  • Integrated flow sensor
  • Can be fitted with water pressure sensor
  • Highly cost-efficient due to low weight and easy assembly
  • Suitable for drinking water (WRAS and KTW 85 ºC)

Drum lighting 2067

  • Double insulation and material as per IEC 60335
  • Attractive lighting with 90 Im LED
  • Compact design
  • Installation in bellows

Refrigerator lighting system 2067

  • Flat assembly in the side wall of the appliance
  • Uniform attractive lighting
  • Up to eight replaceable LEDs

Remote control unit 2078

  • Easy communication with the heating control unit
  • Wired and wireless versions
  • Individual packaging including accessories and operating manual

Boiler control unit 2078

  • For wall-hanging gas boilers and heat pumps
  • Attractive design and excellent haptics
  • Design, industrialization and series production from a single source

Control panel 2060

  • With dust and water protection
  • Optimized actuation characteristics
  • Complete module with cable assembly
  • Optionally available with integrated electronics

Pedelec HMI Module

  • Ergonomic design and handlebar controller, 2K-injection molding, housing with screws
  • Special glass with backlight
  • Focus on the essential functions, additional features can be integrated
  • Communication by CANBUS, optionally Energybus
  • Integrated charging function for smartphones and USB devices
  • (5 V /1 A), simple connection via USB A port
  • Removablity of the entire Pedelec HMI module, can be used as key for starting up the complete drive system
  • USB diagnostics

Pressure sensor SINUS

  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Customer-specific programmable characteristics
  • Three programmable switching outputs
  • Outputs: Frequency, analogue, PWM

Level sensor 2063

  • Compact design
  • Exact level measurement
  • 2.5 snap-in connection

Flow sensor 2061

  • Robust flywheel principle
  • Large measurement range
  • Excellent linearity

Turbidity sensor 2064

  • Optionally, with built-in signal processing
  • Less contamination due to streamlined design
  • Large measurement range

3D sensor 2062

  • Contact-free magnetic path measuring sensor
  • Simultaneous recording of three spatial directions
  • Precise measurement of load and unbalance

Magnetic door lock 2060

  • For door look switch
  • Load contacts up to 16 A 250 V AC
  • Mechanical emergency release
  • Materials conforming to IEC 60335

Customer-specific adaptations

  • Designs adapted as per the corresponding installation on the basis of our comprehensive standard switch program

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