Micro-signal switchesProduct number 1068.0541


Technical data

Product number 1068.0541
Product family Micro-signal switches
Actuation type indirect
Weight 3.710 g
ROHS conform yes
Switching function Normally open contact (SPNO)
Material fixed contact AuCo
Number of poles 1 - pole
connections Cable, 300 long
Mechanical life endurance 200E3
Rating IEC 100 mA 30 V DC 40E3
Contact resistance (new condition) < 500 (10 mA 12 V DC) mOhm
Insulation resistance (new condition) > 100 (500 V DC) MOhm
Protection type
ConnectionIP 67
ActuatorIP 67
Ambient temperature
connection side-40 °C ... +85 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C ... +80 °C
Actuators and additional actuators actuator: LCP Vectra, black, standard actuator
gasket: silicone
Housing description housing: PBTP, black, pin right 5 long diameter 2.95
Potting frame:
Connection surface
bearing connectiontinned
external connectiontinned
Contact material AuCo
Shock resistance 50 g
Contact type wiper contact
Operating force ≤ 1.6 N
Pretravel max. 1.5 mm
Overtravel 1.8 mm
Free position (FP) max. 10.15 mm
Permissible total travel position 6.85 mm
Operating position NOC 8.95 ±0.3 mm
Additional labeling year/week of manuf. acc. to DIN EN 60062

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